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Each Service consists of Fellowship, New Testament Worship, ministry of the Word, and as the Holy Spirit moves, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to 1 Corinthians 12. Services are designed to build a strong relationship with God while connecting with one another. The services also support spiritual growth. Both resulting in lives filled with vision, meaning and purpose.

Did you know?
You have a divine destiny. God loves you so much that he created a special plan just for you. We are on a journey and you are invited to come along! Why not join us as we discover God’s amazing purpose for our lives?

Sunday Service

10:30 am

Pre-Service Prayer 8:30 am and 9:30 am


Wednesday Service

7:00 pm

Fellowship Dinner, 3rd Wednesday 6:00 pm


Thursday Prayer

5:00 pm

Join us as we seek direction for the church.


Wednesdays In The Word

Bible study begins at 7:00 pm

Victory Kids

Children’s classes ages Newborn to 12 provided during service on Sundays.

Victory Girlfriends United

Meets on the first Saturday every month as well as special Bible study times.

Sons Of Thunder

Meets the second Saturday of every month for breakfast and devotional.

Fellowship Dinner

3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm

History of Victory Life Christian Center

How It All Started

A group of Presbyterians hired Pastor Dan Cascioli, a graduate of RHEMA Bible Training College to pastor their church. After a differing of opinions, this church split and Pastor Dan began a new church called Victory Faith Church thirty-eight years ago. Several members from the original church went with him. They held services in many places including school gymnasiums, fairgrounds, and community centers before buying a building on South Detroit St. After serving Victory Faith Church for many years, Pastor Dan felt called to go back to Columbus, Ohio where he was originally from.

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A committee was formed to find a new pastor. The committee was certain they wanted another graduate from RHEMA Bible Training College. They followed the guidelines set forth by RHEMA and decided upon Pastor Ron Stauch. Under Pastor Ron, the church soon outgrew their current building. The church purchased 37 acres south of Xenia and built a beautiful church on this land at the top of a hill. The name of the church was then changed to Victory Life Christian Center in 2001 upon completion of the move into the new building. After some time, Pastor Ron felt called to go home to New York. The committee followed the same process as before to find a new pastor who was also a graduate from RHEMA Bible Training College.

The committee chose Pastor Dale Bolen to become the new pastor. Pastor Dale pastored Victory Life Christian Center for several years before stepping away from pastoring. Pastor Dale named Pastor Albert Reffitt, also a graduate of RHEMA Bible Training College, to take his place. Victory Life Christian Center is thriving under the leadership of Pastor Albert Reffitt and his wife Kim. They have three adult children, 13 grandchildren, two mini-bernedoodles “Bell and Max.”


We Welcome Everyone With Love!

We look forward to meeting you, your family, and your friends at Victory Life Christian Center! 1862 US Route 68 S outh Xenia, Ohio 45385.