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We are a spirit filled family church fulfilling our assignment to reach a lost world with the good news of Jesus Christ through Faith and Love.

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The Church looks forward to meeting you, your family, and your friends! Services are Every Sunday at 10:30! Contact us for more information. 

Victory Life Christian Center

1862 US Route 68, Xenia, Ohio 45385, United States

Victorylife1862@yahoo.com 937-287-1758


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We hold services every Sunday at 10:30. We have several other events regularly throughout the month. Visit our Calendar page for more information.

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Looking for Church Worship Team Keyboardist!

Our Church Worship team is looking for someone to share their musical gifts to serve our congregation! We are in need of someone gifted in playing the keyboard. You must have a heart of worship for the Lord Jesus and the discernment to hear and follow the Holy Spirit. Please click below to contact us. Or call 937-287-1758. 

Sermons you can watch

3/15/2020 Watch the full message "Preparing for the Storm" and be strong in your faith and foundation of the Word to fight this spiritual fight!


God told the people to kill a lamb and paint it's blood around their doorways to protect them from death then to eat the lamb. When Jesus died He was the blood and the lamb. Our protection and our sustenance. We must have Him on the inside. We must confess with our hearts that He is our savior. We are the sons of God. Preserved, protected, and provided for.


 God is eradicating this evil of the devil. Spiritually we are far above all principalities, powers and the evil of this disease. Ignorance allows Satan to get an advantage over us. We must continue to be the church Jesus sent us to be. Communicate, use your faith, and pray without ceasing. 

3/29/2020 Social Distancing Message. Today we discuss social distancing and what we must do as a church to take advantage of this time. To reach people we could never have before and to show what it is to be a Christian in today's world.

3/22/2020 Join Pastor for a brief message on how we are to boldly confront the enemy with our spiritual weapons of prayer! We have been set in the kingdom for a time such as this!

Sermons you can listen to!

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God!

Curious about what to expect in service? Want to listen to a message you may have missed? Did you hear something last week or last month you wanted to share? Its all here! Listen, enjoy and be filled!